Watches are like cars, every few years you have to service them to make sure they stay running.


Here at the clock man we can service and restore your time piece so it looks good as new and still performs at its best. This is how we do it:

To Begin, we start by completely dismantling your watch. Inside of Mechanical watches are a multitude of parts from tiny screws, to gears, and springs. We take all of these apart so we can clean out all of the junk that builds up in there over time.

After this, we place the pieces into a precision cleaning machine that gives your watch the bath its been needing. This can get rid of rust and oil build up inside of your watch. The machine we use is depicted to the left.

We don't only clean up the inside of your watch though, we also make sure the casing and the watch band look just as good as the inside does.


Using a specialized machine, we buff your watch band and face so that is looks shiny and good as new. During this process we also try to get rid of any scratches that we can on your watch face and band.


Once the cleaning process is done, we put the pieces back together and add oil to all of the gears within the movement with a precision oil pen. This ensures that everything will move easily and won't slow down or get stuck for as long as possible.

Ready to get your watch serviced?

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