Are you looking for a quick and affordable place to get your watch repaired at?

Here at The Clock Man we understand the value of a watch whether you use it everyday just to keep track of time, to accessorize, or if it's a priceless gift. This is why we make sure your timepiece is repaired to the best of our ability with the finest materials, as quickly and efficiently as we can. We strive to ensure that you are satisfied with the work we produce, and to make sure you get it back as fast as possible. On top of this, we try to make sure our prices are as competitive as possible for the quality of work we provide.

There are various types of damage we can repair on watches. Here's a list of just SOME of the problems we can fix:

  • Water Damage - We can repair water damage done to the mechanism within your watch and remove the rust.
  • Scratched Crystal - If your crystal has been scratched up over time, and is made with plastic, we can buff out those scratches and make it look good as new. If your crystal is glass, we can get you a replacement crystal or custom make one to fit your watch and replace it.
  • Battery Replacement - If your watch runs on batteries and seems to be slowing down, we can replace that for you with prices starting at just $10.
  • Band issues - Should one of the links of your watch break we can help you repair it, or find a replacement that meets your desires. We can also create additional holes in a watch band should the predetermined sizes not fit your wrist.
  • Missing Jewel - If the Jewel on your timepiece has come off or was lost we can help you find a replacement one or get one custom made just for you and attach it.

Want an estimate for your watch?

We provide FREE estimates at the counter for you as soon as you walk into our shop. If you have any  issues with your watch and are looking to see about getting it repaired come on by!