Atmos Clock Repair

Those three words are enough to scare away less experienced clock repairers. But for The Clock Man, this is a repair we handle every day. We are the only repair shop in Southern California which repairs these intricate clocks. With an extensive stock of new old stock parts, we are able to offer repairs for thousands less than sending your clock back to the manufacturer!

Atmos clocks are a rare and expensive type of clock that is never wound, and never needs a battery changed. They run off of the change in temperature in a room, a change of 3 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to power the clock for two days!  To facilitate this, Atmos clocks have incredibly tight tolerances. With jeweled bushings, the movement is very similar to a watch movement, and requires experience in both clock and watch repair!

It is very important that you move the locking lever over, before bringing your clock in for an estimate, as these clocks are very fragile and should never be improperly moved!