Cuckoo Clock Repair

Do you have a sentimental Cuckoo clock made in the Black Forest region of Germany?  So do we!  We repair and service cuckoo clocks every day.  In fact, we are the authorized service center and retailer for Schneider and Honas cuckoo clocks.  Cuckoo clocks have a rich and storied history, dating back to 1630 in the Black Forest region of Germany.  The world fell immediately in love with Cuckoo clocks and the connection has endured throughout time.

Cuckoo clocks are a unique type of clock and clock mechanism which require knowledge and experience to repair adequately.  With over twenty cuckoo clocks in for repair at any given time, trust the experts at The Clock Man to repair the Cuckoo clock you love.

Cuckoo Clock Brands

There are only a handful of cuckoo clock manufacturer's in the world today.  We service all brands past and present, regardless of whether they are still in business or not.  Brands we repair regularly are Schneider, Honas, and Black Forest Cuckoo clocks.


Common Cuckoo Clock Stories

Seeing so many Cuckoo clocks every day, we hear a lot of stories about Cuckoo clocks and their origins.  Many of these Cuckoo clocks have sentimental feelings attached to them.  These types of repairs are often the most rewarding because customers are overwhelmed, sometimes to the point of tears, when they pick up their clock in working order.  Here are a couple stories we hear often:

  • I picked up this Cuckoo clock when I was stationed abroad in Europe.  This statement, or my child picked this up while they were stationed abroad, is very common.

  • I picked this up while I was traveling around Europe.  This clock typically holds a special place in the customer's heart.  These clocks usually have hung on the customer's wall for 20 to 30 years before they are in need of repair.

  • I inherited this Cuckoo clock from my grandparents or parents.  This customer remembers the sound and look of this clock from their childhood.  The cuckoo clock reminds them of their past and their loved ones.